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Gaming is entering another transitioning period.

My Monday night group is currently playing in a postapocalyptic nWoD/Morrow Project game. I’ve had some frustrations with it, but we had a really good game last night. The dynamics of the game are interesting. We have far more firepower and better equipment than almost everyone we’ve encountered (and certainly everyone with whom we have had a conflict). Somehow, this doesn’t make things easy. Part of the issue is that we have small numbers and aren’t willing to accept casualties. Still, I’m not sure where the challenge comes from. It is something I should, perhaps, look at more closely.

Every other Tuesday or so, I play in an Exalted game. My character (a Night Caste from the Realm) is currently shifting from overexcited kid to rebellious teenager after killing a member of the Wyld Hunt. I’m having a lot of fun in that game, though… for some reason… I’m not really getting into the combats as much as I might otherwise… I’m not sure why.

Every other Wednesday has been a variety of things… most recently the Gygax Memorial 1e AD&D game. Now, we are shifting to Exalted, and Doug is running. Jeff gets to play for once. Despite my love-hate relationship with Exalted, I’m fairly excited about this game. It begins tomorrow.

Sundays alternate between Angela’s D&D game and Nick’s Mage game. The D&D game is fun. Last session, I ate the tears of an innocent – and they were tasty. (There was a kidnapped myconid that tried to talk to us via spore release – Angela said the black ones… which we determined to be connected to emotional distress… tasted like the best truffles I’d ever had. I followed the myconid around for a bit, just in case it would cry.)

The Mage game is wrapping up, soon to be replaced by a supervillain campaign. I’m seriously considering playing a disgruntled former sidekick to a superhero with growth powers… my character would have had shrinking powers and be known as Boy Toy. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do that, though.

I’m still not running anything.



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