4e: Dreadblade?

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A long time ago, I was talking about revising the Hexblade from the ground up… essentially, I did so (and called it the Dreadblade), but I don’t think I ever published it in any form. The class power-structure was too funky – it was, essentially an entirely new subsystem like those on the Book of Nine Swords – or the Warlock’s invocations.

I didn’t really feel comfortable with it.

I looked at it the other day. My first thought was that it would be really easy to convert to 4e. Right now I only have about 20-some things that more-or-less directly transfer to powers, but I see space for plenty more. Paragon Paths? Two immediately sprung to mind (the Doomlord and the Deathbringer).

The only thing that doesn’t fit is the power source/role thing that 4e classes have going on. This would be an arcane/martial defender/striker/controller. One of those roles might become primary as things develop, though. We’ll see. I’m not sure that I’m too concerned with it.



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