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Went to Duckon this weekend. Angela and Grace had a table in the dealer’s room. I had a good time, but the dealer’s room was slow, business-wise, for everyone. One person I spoke to said that he did about 1/3 as much business this year as he did at Duckon last year.

The gaming track was pretty sparse at the con. There was only one RPG option, and it was at a bad time for me. The science track was pretty neat, and probably should have been called the Science! track. We got to see the Singing Tesla Coils, which were a highlight.

There were a lot of Klingons there.

I’m not sure if we’ll be going back to deal there next year… but Jim Butcher is the literary guest of honor. That should bring in a good crowd… and I think I might like to attend the con if nothing else…

The next dealing con that is planned is WindyCon. I’m not sure about the military sf theme, but it is a good con. GenCon? Might be in the works for attendance for a day or two, but I’m not sure. The timing, as usual, is less than ideal.



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