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One of the things that bugs me about the wizard is how non-combat magic is an entirely separate system than combat magic. Here is a very quick draft of a possible ‘fix’ that I thought up about 10 minutes ago:


Utility Mage
Heroic Tier
Prerequisite: Wis 13, wizard
Benefit: When you take an extended rest and you have access to your ritual book, you may choose to lose one of your encounter powers for the day and instead designate a number of rituals equal to your Intelligence modifier as prepared rituals. A prepared ritual must be a ritual that is in your ritual book, it must have Arcana as its key skill, and it may not take more than 10 minutes to cast. Once per encounter, you may use a prepared ritual as a standard action. You may not use more than a single prepared ritual in any encounter.



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  1. That’s a cool idea. I find the division between combat and utility magic irritating and clumsy, and fraught with unintended consequences in terms of the class’s place in a wider campaign world: I imagine that wizards might be feared but also disdained if they could blast you in a heartbeat but had to mumbo-jumbo for 10 minutes to make a room silent. “Honestly, Sir Presto, couldn’t we just whisper?”

    In any case if I end up playing any 4e I’ll consider something similar. Do the rules have any provisions for pre-casting rituals? Seems like it’d be worth it to spend 10 minutes on a knock ritual before a day’s adventuring.

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