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The Nobilis game is still going really well.

I say this after a session on Tuesday in which there was, essentially, a TPK. It was, however, a planned TPK. Jason, who is running the game, told each of us from the beginning to create two PCs – one who would start off in the position of a power and the other who would inherit it.

So, in the last game, Atlantis (our Chancel) was invaded (while Suriel, our imperator, was at a meeting of the Metatron in Heaven) by a corrupt angel and the excrucian he allied himself with. Powers are pretty badass, but all of our PCs were empowered (and served) an Imperator – and angels and excrucians are more on the level of Imperators than PCs. If we were all together we might have had a chance to take one of them alone. We weren’t and we didn’t.

That said, Sid (the power of Rock and Roll) saw what was happening and got a message off to Heaven detailing the assault (yes, he used Stairway to Heaven as a conduit).

Our new PCs were recruited (quickly) by Suriel to retake Atlantis. It should be fascinating.



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  1. Man, that sounds like a pretty dang cool set-up! Wrecking the chancel and killing all the powers seems like a pretty groovy way to kick off a campaign.

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