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This is, essentially, a continuation of my last post.

Currently, I’m thinking that the system will be skills-based. Melee Combat and Ranged Combat will be on the primary skills list (along with various other things that look like typical D&D-esque skills).

In addition to the primary skills (which will be set in stone) there will be secondary skills. These will include various fighting styles and magical schools. Each secondary skill will be keyed to one or more primary skills (Swashbuckling, for instance, might be keyed to Melee Combat and Acrobatics, while Fire Magic might be keyed to Spellcasting). A secondary skill cannot exceed the level of a skill it is keyed to.

Each skill will, of course, have normal uses that improve with the skill’s level. In addition, every few levels of a skill will make certain powers based on that skill available. Some of these will be mundane, but others will be magical applications of the skill (something like Charms in Exalted – or powers in Earthdawn). The hope is to allow a viable character even at high level who opts not to go the magical route. I’m currently thinking that magical applications of normally non-magical skills will use more resources – or may not be available for use as often.



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