Yesterday: Not as planned

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…but it turned out OK.

I had a wee headache in the morning that got progressively worse throughout the day, so I ended up going home early. I took some painkillers and a nap.

In the meantime, the Nobilis game was canceled because the GM (HG?) was ill. I’m enjoying Nobilis. It works as a system and setting better than I expected it to… I just wish the book was written to be more accessible. Pretty only counts for so much.

Anyway, in the time I would normally be gaming, I, well, prepped for gaming. I did another read-through of Keep on the Shadowfell, which I will begin running tonight. I have mixed feelings about the adventure. From reports, it may be a bit too lethal for my taste. Also, it isn’t really designed to support creative thinking by the PCs on a strategic level (tactical, yes, but strategic… not so much). As a GM, that rubs me the wrong way, so I need to do some thinking to ensure that PCs have some nonlinear options open to them.

I’m being deliberately vague here, as to avoid spoilers.

Anyway, since I took a decent nap last night, I was wide awake when Angela got off work and we headed out to a late showing of Hancock. It was… not what I expected, but enjoyable. The first half was the superhero comedy I expected. The second was more serious. The halves didn’t quite join up as well as they could, but I don’t know if that was the fault of the movie itself or the expectations build by the trailer. Going in knowing that it wasn’t all going to be drunk superhero Will Smith would have helped.



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