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A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the RPG blog carnival. The idea? A number of blogs post on a single topic over a short period of time. It is something that tends to happen quasi-naturally. Someone will blog on a topic and it will give other people ideas. The carnival is a bit different in that (1) it is planned, (2) it takes place within a limited time frame, and (3) the responses are all summarized and linked together. It seems like a good idea to me. The first topic (with some guiding/discussion questions) is:

CLOSING DATE: August 29th, 2008, Last Friday of August.
How do you handle character death in your game? What about character resurrection? Have you ever had characters come back as The Undead? How have you incorporated The Undead into your game’s adventures? What are some new Undead monsters, diseases, or other Undead afflictions of your game world can you share with us?

I’ll be responding to this in my next post.



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  1. That is great news. I responded with an entry to the Carnival myself. I think the Carnival is an excellent way for RPG Bloggers to interact on a topic, and it gives you something to write about if you are looking for subject matter.

    Can’t wait to see your addition to the Carnival.

  2. looking forward to your contribution szilard! and thanks for helping get this “event” off the ground! The more bloggers who participate, the bigger the impact is going to be. It’s also (hopefully) real good for the carnival’s longevity. In September, as blog carnival tradition dictates, I’ll be passing off the carnival to a new host (who will also choose the topic as well). can’t wait.. anyway. Thanks again!

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