Summary of a campaign, Part 2

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…continued from yesterday’s post.

We headed back north with Rogenvald. The lich lived in a strange wild magic zone that was located north of the goblin lands. The only civilized inhabitants of this area are gnomes. Getting into the wild magic zone wasn’t difficult, but there was a checkpoint manned by volunteers – mostly goblins, but they appeared to be lead by a youngish bronze dragon (a grandchild of the Mabon, we think). The checkpoint was mostly to keep things from the wild magic zone from coming out. They confirmed that there was a serious ghoul problem and that it appeared to come from the WMZ.

We ended up having a nice conversation with Dobriel, who pretended to be a (living) old wizard. He answered a number of questions about the Wayfarer’s guild and the cult of Golgo for us. He thought the world was doomed, and planned to start a new life in Sigil. He let us know that he’d be willing to facilitate our evacuation from the world if we needed it. Nice guy, for a lich. We’d left the paladin outside… and pretended to have killed the lich when we ran out (with the illusion of flames consuming the lair).

We also found out that the lich wasn’t responsible for the ghoul plague (and, in fact, it annoyed him) – it was, oddly, coming from the gnomes. Rake, the kobold druid, claimed to have suspected this all along.

So, yeah. We headed to the gnome-lands. On the way, we ran into Corbin (new PC, human beguiler) who was from the university and answering a seasonal job ad with the gnomes… did I mention that the ghouls were all originally human and that there weren’t many humans up this way? Yeah. So we told Corbin that this was a bad idea and he decided to come and help us…

Eventually, we ended up ending the ghoul plague by ambushing the insanely powerful necromancer at the top of it. To keep with tradition, we framed the Drow. Along the way, Rogenvald was turned into a ghoul… mostly because he was an idiot. We thought about killing him, but then decided to send him to Dobriel… who we thought would find the whole thing hilarious.

We went back south and let the Mabon know about the gnomes. It turns out that the whole area around the Mabon was sort of his preserve for the kobolds, which are near-extinct elsewhere in the world. He wasn’t happy that the gnomes were sending ghouls into it…

Between Dobriel and the Mabon (and some additional research and investigation), we found out a lot more about the whole Golgo thing. Apparently, the world we were on once had a strange link to the Elemental Plane of Water. It would flood periodically (every 2000 years), killing most things. Over 2000 years ago, an Archmage severed this link to prevent the flood. Since then, the world had become untethered in the planes, and the planar barriers were deteriorating. Golgo sought to stop this, but was imprisioned in a statue by other gods. His cult is trying to free him so that the world might be saved. Of course, Golgo’s world-saving might involve the death of all sentient life…

So we crossed a continent to get to the elf-lands. We talked to fishy ghosts, intimidated a red dragon, and ate the tears of a myconid. Tasty! We ended up having a nice sit-down with Franklin.

End result? We got Franklin to teleport us back to Dobriel so that we could go to Sigil and try to find a solution to our cosmological problems that doesn’t depend on Golgo.

So our game has, apparently, become a Planescape game. Surprise.



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