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Angela and I went to
Allerton Park over the weekend, mostly because we needed to just spend some time in the woods.

Allerton is pretty cool – it has both formal gardens and nature trails. There are some old, ruined structures in the woods, as well as some random sculptures (notably a large, bronze of a dying centaur). I think it is probably the sculptures that make Allerton particularly notable. The most famous sculpture there is the Sunsinger, but there are a ton of other ones – Fu Dogs, Sphinxes, and these creepy little Chinese musicians sculptures:

There is a whole “avenue” of the formal gardens lined with these guys. They’re about two feet (~6o cm) tall. Let’s get a close-up at a face:

I hope that these were actually imported from China or somewhere, but I fear that Allerton had these tiny, little figures with inhuman features commissioned.

When I saw them this time, I (inexplicably?) immediately thought of how 3.5 made the bard the favored class of gnomes. The features on these things would make for some decent inspiration for creepy, little fae types.

Happy birthday to me. Consider this my birthday present to you, in the hobbit-sense.



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