Happy Halloween

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Some random thoughts in honor of Halloween:

  • What looks scary in a fantasy world? We typically think of twisted, non-human visages as scary, but would they be in a world in which goblins, zombies, and such are commonplace?
  • One tool in creating fear is solitariness. When you are alone in a dangerous situation, it tends to be much scarier than if you have someone to rely on. If you want to scare your players in a game, this is a hard tool to use… since it generally requires splitting up PCs. Also, the fact that players are still sitting around the same table makes it tricky to pull off.
  • This is a scary website.
  • If I want to scare my players, I’d present them with weirdness rather than things that would be generally considered scary. If they don’t understand something, they are more likely to fear it. This might also nicely allow you to tie their dawning comprehension to realization about the horror of the situation they are in…
  • I have a (bad?) habit while GMing of using a particular sort of horror in my games – I get the PCs into a situation where they act (usually with decent intentions) and eventually realize that they are responsible for some sort of atrocity… (Here are a couple of examples.)



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  1. That is definitely a scary damn website.

    I would say aberrations are scary wherever you put them. Because goblins and zombies do still look kinda like those. The Color Out Of Space does not.

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