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1-3 | This is a cool idea for generating NPCs while defining the culture they come from… I don’t know that I’d use the card mechanic, but the bit with the suits is a useful way of thinking about an individual’s relationship to a cultural framework.
4-5 | Saturday was Exalted. We chatted with a Deathlord and fought a Fair Folk parade in the Underworld.
6-7 | Yesterday was D&D. It was a transitional game. We lost one player (to moving), one player changed her character, and we were joined by a new player. The transition went pretty smooth, though… and it managed to advance the plot significantly. We also fought some Chain Devils who had a grudge against us from a few sessions ago.
8 | I’m still trying to decide on my entry for this month’s blog carnival. I skipped last month, and I feel a bit bad about doing so.
9-10 | I’m still really digging FATE.
11 | I just started using Feedburner on this site last week. Apparently, I have 86 subscribers. I don’t know that this is useful information.
12 | No, I don’t really have a lot to say.



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