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I swear, our party isn’t made up of PCs. I’m pretty sure we’re a wandering encounter.

Last night, in Angela’s game, we went through our first real(ish) dungeon. Yes, we’ve been playing for two years, and we’re 10th level now.

…and, yeah, the dungeon is actually above ground (going up, actually), made of glass, and inhabited by good guys (who are total jerks).

Anyway, relevant bits of the story in handy bullet form:

  • While investigating a cult of a forgotten god (the bulk of the campaign to this point), we discovered that our plane had become untethered and was hurtling through the outer planes in a manner that would end with its destruction (or possible incorporation into Mechanus – not that such a fate would be any better).
  • We headed to Sigil to look for help. One of the trails we followed led us to Mitra, an arch-mage who had been (inadvertantly) responsible for the untethering of our plane 3,000 years ago – and cursed with vampirism.
  • Mitra said he was willing to help correct his error, but he’d need his notes on the ritual, which had been taken by a paranoid cult devoted to slaying vampires at any cost.
  • We made contact with the cult (their base was in the always-sunny part of the Beastlands), but they were unwilling to deal – or even budge. We decided that we had to take notes by force. Mitra helped out by creating a diversion in Sigil that drew some of their heavy-hitters away.

So these guys are living in a giant glass building in the Beastlands. They are totally paranoid about assassins (since their nemeses tend to be able to dominate thralls), and have boobytrapped their home (which is also hallowed w/dimensional anchor and has permanent Private Sanctum up).

We’re not totally through yet, but we did manage to make it to the stairs to the third (top) floor. Talking to people first gave us enough info that we were able to bluff some people into thinking that we belonged there long enough to get the drop on them. Having two PCs capable of an invisibility/sneak-attack combo helped down a wizard without giving him a chance (his failure of 4 or 5 listen checks helped, too). We tried to subdue people when we could – but we had to kill more than we’d like. We had an in-character discussion about the possibility before we went in (the group is mixed good/neutral).

We managed to avoid a number of traps (though our druid got caught in an explosive runes), but we did encounter (sort of) an iron golem (medium-sized) – which probably would have wiped us out (our only adamantine weapon is a chef’s knife – don’t ask, and most of our big damage-dealing relies on either spells or sneak attacks) if we had actually fought it. Fortunately, we managed to close the door between us… and then I slipped our portable hole through the crack under the door. The golem fell in… and now we have a portable golem, and I really don’t know what to do about that…



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  1. then I slipped our portable hole through the crack under the door. The golem fell in… and now we have a portable golem, and I really don’t know what to do about that.

    OK, I just decided to read everything you have under keyword: actual play. You’ve got a really creative group! I also liked how you fooled the paladin with the flame illusions at the lich cave..

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