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Not too much, gaming-wise.

I mentioned that I thought Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series would be great for gaming. I’ve been toying with some ideas about it. One of the interesting things about the books is that the main characters essentially change their roles and careers somewhat regularly. This got me thinking about a Warhammer FRP – style system. Of course, some characters are better in a role than others (or spend more time in it). For those who have read the books (this isn’t a spoiler) – Ehren, for instance, is a better Cursor than Max (even if Max is far more ‘powerful’ in other ways). As a result, I started to think about levels in careers. Picking numeric scales out of the ether, Ehren might be an Academ 4/Cursor 6 while Max might be an Academ 1/Cursor 1/Legionnaire 2/Furycrafter 6.

Then I started thinking about the framework of the books and how they tended to focus on settings and situations within the context of the roles of the main characters. This led me to putting the above into a 4e-like tier system. I’m still not entirely sure how it would work, but I am pretty sure it has some promise.

Other than that, my life has been full of nongaming adventures: a holiday visit with Angela’s parents and coming home to a flooded basement that held most of my old gaming stuff. It appears to have mostly survived, since it was generally off the ground… but there’s a corner we haven’t unearthed yet. I’m a bit worried what I’ll find in it.



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