Five reasons why the Nobilis gam I am playing in is awesome

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In Nobilis:

  1. My boss is an angel who wears robes with kitschy slogans on them. He is master of those things in the depths from beyond creation, laments the loss of his giant squid, and is responsible for creating Deep Ones.
  2. We pray to Google for information.
  3. My PC walks around with one of the most powerful weapons in the game (a sword from outside creation). He almost never bothers to use it and no one notices that he has it.
  4. One half of one of the PCs has a flirtation going on with Cain, who we freed from Hell (in exchange for OJ Simpson). Also, Cain might be an alien… sort of.
  5. Currently, our PCs are in Faerie, rescuing a teenaged boy (who happens to be one of our peers) from his own libido.



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  1. Nobilis is one of my favorite games for exactly reasons like these. I very rarely get to play it, though.

    Perhaps one day I’ll get to pull the Duke of Custard out of the inactive-PCs file…

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