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It has been a year and a half since I’ve done this. I think that’s reasonable.

1) The only character I’m still actively playing on that list is Bart. Back then, I wrote:

Sunday, Angela’s D&D Game: Bart Fliegenbart, Dwarven Chef (Rogue 2/Ranger 2)

Bart has become the de facto group leader… of a group of misfits. I enjoy playing him quite a bit. I knew that Angela would go into excruciating detail when describing flora and fauna, so I built a character who would care about that sort of thing… because he will probably want to eat it. The character is incredibly non-optimized for anything other than cooking (his feats include Skill Focus-Cooking and Negotiator), but – with two weapon fighting and sneak attack – he’s still one of the more effective hand-to-hand combatants in the group.

Now? He’s still a Dwarven chef (he keeps large amounts of cooking equipment in a portable hole). Classwise he’s Rogue 3/Ranger 2/Duskblade 3/Abjurant Champion 3 (I think). He’s still far from optimized (though between dual wielding, sneak attacks, and spell channelling he can occasionally deal a good bit of damage) – and he primarily depends on cleverness to solve problems.

2) Monday, Dwight’s Morrow Project game using Storytelling/nWoD rules:

I’m playing Donald Carter, jerk. He’s a social guy… an academic slacker who hooked up with the Project thinking it would be an easy way to get rich. He actually means well, but is so naturally manipulative that he tends to engender a bit of distrust among those who know him really well. He’s turned into the group’s tactician, which works well with his manipulative tendencies. He tends to have a bit of a nastier edge to his plans than Bart does, so the two manage to be pretty different. Also, he really likes force multipliers.

3) Tuesday, Jason’s Nobilis game:

Comus, Lord of Misrule, Viscount of Masks. Comus is a spirit of controlled chaos, split between the dual aspects of celebration and ceremony, disorder and decorum. He serves an arguably insane angel alongside his familias: the Marquis of Discovery and the Duchess of the Subconscious. The game is weird, but a total blast. It can be hard for me to get into Comus‘ head sometimes since he’s ultimately inhuman. His goals largely center around making the world more interesting by hiding or judiciously revealing secret knowledge.

4) Sundays (occasional), Mike’s 3.5 game:

Spiridon Ganelinsadova, Gnomish Beguiler who was raised in a traveling caravan and then trained to be an adventurer by a dwarven wizard. I’ve only played him once, so we’ll see. I really like beguilers. Spiridon has a lot of ideas about what it means to be an adventurer. Most of these are fairly naive. Angela’s playing a Gnome warlock from the same caravan. We decided to use Greek-influenced Russian naming conventions for Gnomes. I’m not sure why.

6) Thursdays (alternating) Jenn’s Exalted game:

Jenn is going to begin running her Exalted game again, which means I get to play Akadan Red Oak again. Red began as a plucky teenage stowaway from the Realm. Then he saw his friend killed by the Wild Hunt and killed one of the Dragonbloods responsible… then he sold his innocence to one of the Fair Folk (he was a teenager – he didn’t think he had any innocence)… and might have fallen in love with a Dragonblood who has returned to the Realm to be abused and used as a political pawn. Character-wise, he’s a blast. I need to do something about making him more effective in combat, though.



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