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I’ve mentioned that Angela and I are going to be running a campaign now that her D&D game is over. The new game will be a modern-occult-investigation thing. Our inspirations include Hellboy, The X-Files, and Men In Black, among some other things. We have a ton of setting information already worked out. We’ll be using a set of rules heavily based on FATE as developed for Spirit of the Century. It should be good.

The only thing that would make it better? If the Dresden Files RPG were available. For those that don’t know, this is the RPG based on the Harry Dresden novels (which also spawned a TV show on Sci-Fi). The world is noir-ish, modern urban fantasy. The flavor is very similar to what we’re shooting for. Also, it uses a version of the FATE system updated for that setting. It should be great. The game has been a long time coming. Evil Hat (the publishers, who also made Spirit of the Century and Don’t Rest Your Head) are making sure they are getting it right. I appreciate that. I just wish I had it in my hands now. . .



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