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I suspect that everything about Nobilis is esoterica.

We discussed live-action Nobilis last Tuesday, and decided that a proper resolution system would involve plucking flower petals in a “He loves me. He loves me not.” sort of way.

This is more amusing if you know that flowers are central to the Nobilis cosmology. As far as I can tell, most angels are gardeners.

As I’ve mentioned before, I doodle when roleplaying. Sometimes, I scan these doodles and color them. Here are some I did while playing Nobilis:

This is a character sketch of my PC, Comus, the Power of Masks. His chalice is named Excess and his mask is Decorum. He secretly carries the Abhorrent Weapon known as Loss.

Nobilis being what it is and Comus having been a spirit before his enoblement, the sketch is less stylized than you might think.

This is a gobliny thing that I drew when our PCs went to Faerie. One of the members of our celestial family (Jake, Power of Loyalty) was captured by Gwendolyn, a Faerie Queen of Winter, and we went to fetch him… and make her regret her actions. Before that, though, we partied with some satyrs and hung out in a goblin house.



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  1. Requiring the use of flowers (or encouraging via mechanical rewards) seems like it would cause recurring expense and mess. Why not distribute a limited number of postcard-sized squares of paper with an image of the blossom on one side and its name/use written on the other, and have people crinkle them up when used.

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