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I realize I haven’t been posting a lot of late. I’ve been pretty busy. Angela and I ran our first game session last night, a week earlier than we’d been planning. We had to cram a bit. I think it went well, even though I blanked on the FATE combat variant we were using halfway through the PCs’ first combat. Still, FATE combat was pretty fun. PCs seemed to like invoking aspects – it kept the combat from being repetitive and gave an actual flow to the combat scene… something that most game systems seem to lack.

The co-GMing thing is tricky. It would be easier if we were telepathic.

I’ll do a full write-up of the session in the next day or two.

Also keeping me busy has been a non-gaming project. I just launched http://kitchenhacker.com. Check it out if you like food and/or cooking.



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  1. I get a 403 as well.

    One thing you should also be aware of with co-GMing is the differences in your GMing style. It’s best if you can agree on the tone of the campaign, and just how free you’re willing to be with rules interpretations.

    In one game I co-GMed back when God was a boy, the other GM was very much into over-the-top fight scenes and very… ahem… liberal departures from the game system. Which would’ve worked fine on its own, and made for a very entertaining, cinematic campaign.

    OTOH, as a GM, I was more concerned with developing elements in the agreed plot and pushing the whole lot forward. I had fewer combats planned, and more NPC interaction.

    However, if your PCs have somehow ended up with reality-breaking weaponry on the other GM’s watch, they’re going to want to use it on yours. Encounters where combat was previously a suboptimal choice tend to degenerate into slugfests.

    If the point of the encounter was to extract information from an NPC, and one of your PCs has just unexpectedly rolled enough damage to vapourise him, then you’re stuck — or at the very least have to quickly lay down a workaround.

    It’s best to deal with these sorts of stylistic and continuity issues before they happen in-game.

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