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Someone brought a copy of the 4e PHBII to game the other night. I immediately turned to check out the Avenger. Why?

One of the PCs I’ve most enjoyed playing is Tarbold – a priest of Tritherion in a heavily-houseruled 2nd edition game with very generous multiclassing. In 3.5 terms, he would have been something like a gestalt cleric/rogue. Unfortunately, outside of the game I played him in, I haven’t been able to model him well. Why?

Well, most fantasy games don’t do divine/rogue types well. Tarbold was a priest, but he was also extremely stealthy and could backstab with the best of them.

Also, Tarbold was very gimmicky. I played him like a Holy Batman. He had a Rod of Lordly Might that he’d use as a tool as much as a weapon… and a Belt of Many Pouches in which he kept a huge variety of things (from jars of paint to changes of clothing to extra weapons to paste gems) so that he’d be prepared for any contingency.

I’ve tried 4e, and I wasn’t impressed, but the Avenger class in 4e feels a lot like how I played Tarbold… in particular, it looks like it preserves a lot of the flavor I was going for with the character: someone empowered by his god to strike out at enemies from the darkness. That sort of character was a ton of fun for me to play… and it is tempting.



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  1. I haven’t gotten a hold of a copy of the PH II yet, but if the Avenger turns out to be like I have heard, I can foresee a deluge of Batman wannabes on a scale of Drizzt-like proportions! Don’t get me wrong, I love Bats and think it would be cool to play him too. I’m just afraid the idea will become cliché all too soon.

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