OPEN GAME TABLE: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs

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The RPG Blog Anthology is now available. I’d say it was a long time coming, but Jonathon over at The Core Mechanic put it together in what seems like a surprisingly short time given the work of wrangling so many contributers.

Open Game Table is truly a “Best of” the RPG blogging community. An open call went out across many blogs for nominees, and nominated entries were voted on by a crew of volunteers. I feel honored (and, perhaps, somewhat surprised) to have two of my blog posts included in it. I haven’t gotten my hard copy yet, but I’ve seen the PDF, and the book is impressive. It has ten chapters, with something for just about everyone – players and GMs alike – who is interested in RPGs. To give you a peek at the range of material covered, here are the chapter titles:

  1. Play Style
  2. Game Play
  3. Characters & Players
  4. Monsters & NPCs
  5. Encounters, Settings, and Locations
  6. Adventure Design
  7. Campaign Setting Design
  8. Classes, Action, and Equipment
  9. RPG History & Commentary
  10. The RPG Toolbox.

If you’re reading this, you aren’t new to RPG blogs, but you may not know the full range that is out there. You can check out the RPG Bloggers Network, but the amount of material there can be dizzying. The Anthology introduces you to some of the best that the web has to offer. It can provide an entry point into one of the best – and least known – resources for RPG material out there.

In addition to material gleaned from the blogs, the Anthology also includes a good bit of original art. There are a few pieces in there that I’m not fond of, but some of it is very good – and my understanding is that most of it was created to specifically accompany the articles in the book.



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