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Jenn began her D&D game (3.5) this past week. The setup is a human-centric post-dungeon society. There aren’t adventurers. The world is fairly peaceful under a single human mageocracy. Nonhuman races are marginalized. I’m playing a monk who is associated with the church of Saterus (official state religion). Other PCs include a wizard who is apprenticed to the Magistrate of the town we are in, a druid who lives on the outskirts of town, a fighter who does odd jobs around town, and a homeless guy (a rogue). We’re all human, and it is a remarkably balanced party. The game promises to be somewhat political, which should be interesting.

I owe you all a writeup of Woodstock session three as well as a dungeon map-thing. They are coming. Life and other projects have been eating into my time for this blog of late, but I have not forgotten you.



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