FATE 20?

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I love Fate. I think that it is one of the better RPGs out there. Why? Because of the interplay between Aspects and Fate Points. They give you a tremendous ability to define your character and play the character that you want to play.

The rest of the system, though? It’s OK. I don’t love the skill system or the FUDGE die mechanic. There’s no advancement system to speak of. Combat can be awkward (though I like consequences and how they interact with aspects/fate points).

I’ve been toying with the idea of merging the bits of Fate that I like with a simplified d20-type system… perhaps a Mutants and Masterminds derivative.

Some thoughts toward this:

  • I can easily see consequences as the result of failed damage saves.
  • Remove Ability Scores altogether. Let Aspects serve those purposes.
  • Move to a d20 Modern style talent tree or a wholly feat-based system. Not both. We’ll already have skills and aspects, we don’t need another extra axis.
  • Classless and quasi-level-less like M&M.



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