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Today was my first gaming session in almost two months. It was good.

Angela and I joined a game that an old friend of mine has been running once a month or so. The system is First Edition AD&D, more or less. Definitely not my first choice for a system. Incoherent and random.

The game premise: all the PCs are amnesiac extraplanar semi-humans. They are running around somewhere near the Temple of Elemental Evil (and might come across it). I was told that the game included a Satyr Kensai, a Half-Dragon Cleric, a Wemic Ranger, a Half-Pixie Thief, and a seemingly-human Monk. A former character was, apparently, a centaur whose hindquarters were those of a Nightmare. I was challenged to come up with something sufficiently weird. I settled on a Half-Slaad Psionicist. Angela decided on a Dire Corby Thief.

The game was not precisely serious. That was perfectly fine by me.



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