Firefighter RPG?

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RPGs often let you take the role of heroes. We see RPGs that support different sorts of heroes: fantasy adventurers, super-powered do-gooders, elite military teams, cowboys… yet, despite the fact that they have pretty good hero-cred, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a RPG that focuses upon firefighters or search and rescue teams. The closest I can think of is Unsung – I should break out my copy and see if it explicitly supports such things.

A firefighter game would be weird. Your antagonists would generally not be other people… or even living beings. Could your run a satisfying game in which the struggle was against time and the environment? Probably. Unsung, with its emphasis upon morality under pressure, would probably be a good choice. It would definitely be a different sort of game than I am used to, though…



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  1. Fires, EMS calls, building inspections, cats-in-trees, dealing with media (as in our town, when our FD declined to rescue a cat in a tree because they said it wasn't important enough for them to waste the resources on), arson, inter-office politics, dealing with city governments that want to cut budgets, etc. Firefighting is not that samey as you might think. I'm sure if you worked at it you could get a reasonably enjoyable campaign out of it.

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