Using Google Wave for RPGs

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I just got my Google Wave invitation today.

Is anyone thinking about ways of using it related to gaming? I can think of some possible uses. Using it to run online games is obvious. There is even already a dice-rolly-thing. For people (like me) who prefer to play around a real table, it would still be a great way to record campaign notes and session write-ups. It would also be a great tool for collaborative campaign/setting design.

Any other ideas?



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  1. Hey, if you'd shoot me your account, I'll add you to the Wave I'm trying to use to get as many RPGBN members together as possible.

    I'm very interested in the applications of Google Wave as a way of playing RPGs. I'm actually trying to get a Zombie Murder Mystery game together.

    Also, here's the dice bot:

    Add it to any Wave, and it'll explain the rest.

  2. The Dice of Life is working on an article as part of its Gaming with Google series. Rather than rush to an article and simply say "Google Wave is great for RPGs," we're going to actually play a game and use it as a reference in our "how-to" article.

    Essentially, we're going to write up a detailed guide on how to use the inherent features and some available extensions to run an RPG campaign in Google Wave.

    So, if you want to catch the article when it comes out, I suggest you subscribe. It might be a few weeks before its done as we really plan to get into the all of the obvious and more obscure features of Google Wave.

  3. I'm very excited at the potential of Wave, especially since I'll be moving about 200 miles soon, well beyond the reach of gamerdom.

    I've been thinking about running games over the Net for a while, but the available tools never really seemed to make the cut. Wave, OTOH, looks perfect, and will be even better once third parties start to implement multilateral videoconferencing extensions.

    Still waiting for my invitation to arrive, though. #%o(

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