RPG Publications by Stuart Broz

I currently publish primarily on the DM’s Guild.

Of the three sections of the publication list below, the first focuses on publications where I was either the sole author or — in one case — co-author. Where I was the sole author of a book, I was also responsible for its layout and graphic design. The second section includes both publications I edited and those in which I was brought in as a game design consultant. Publications where I was a contributing author are in the last section.

Eberron’s First Campaign: 5e Conversion and Expansion Guides

The Forgotten Forge: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide
Shadows of the Last War: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide
Whispers of the Vampire's Blade: A Remix and 5e Conversion Guide
Grasp of the Emerald Claw: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide

Platinum Bestsellers

Available as a discounted bundle or individually, these guides convert the full adventure path that begins in the original 3rd edition Eberron Campaign Setting to 5th edition. Additional details and encounters are added to better tie the adventures together, improve flow, account for a wider range of PC levels, and serve as an excellent introduction to Eberron. Note: use of these guides requires the original adventures.

Shadows of the Last War: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide updates the adventure for 2nd-3rd level PCs written by Keith Baker, taking the characters from Sharn into the goblin nation of Darguun… and from there into the dismal Mournland in search of lost arcane secrets. Over 30 pages, including extra bonus encounters.

The Forgotten Forge: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide takes a new look at the original introductory adventure to Eberron for 1st level characters. It is set in—and below—Sharn and showcases several of Eberron’s unique features.

Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade: A Remix and 5e Conversion Guide remixes the adventure that takes 4th level PCs from Sharn to the gnomish nation of Zilargo and beyond, as they travel by airship and lightning rail in search of a rogue secret agent. This 60+ page document includes both a standard conversion as well as a remix of the adventure in which the adventure’s major setpieces are taken and restructured into a new story that ties in with the plot beginning in The Forgotten Forge

Grasp of the Emerald Claw: An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide brings the Eberron adventure that began in The Forgotten Forge comes to its epic conclusion as you travel to the jungles of Xen’drik in a race against evil! Notes are included providing extra details on Xen’drik and the city of Stormreach. There are also suggestions on how to continue the campaign after this adventure.

NPCs of Eberron: The Dragonmarked

NPCs of Eberron: The Dragonmarked includes several NPCs, both templates and named, for each dragonmark—a total of over 50 unique 5e NPC statblocks. Each has deep connections to Eberron lore, providing insight into the dragonmarks and the Dragonmarked Houses.

Gold Bestseller

Castle Amber - An Expansion and 5e Conversion Guide to Dungeon Module X2

The Castle Amber 5e Conversion and Expansion Guide was one of my earliest and most ambitious projects on the DM’s Guild. At well over 100 pages, it included not only a conversion of stats and encounters, but an improved narrative structure for the adventure, suggestions for how to fit it into Eberron or Ravenloft, notes on the original Averoigne stories by Clark Ashton Smith that much of the adventure was based on, over 25 full NPC write-ups, a 40+ creatures bestiary, 30+ new magic items, new spells, and even two new subclasses (a Warlock Patron and an Arcane Tradition).

Electrum Bestseller

Scales of Q'barra: An Eberron Gazeteer

Scales of Q’barra is an Eberron gazeteer that I co-wrote with Joseph Meehan that collects and expands upon the lore of the dragonborn, lizardfolk, kobolds, and other residents of Q’barra. The book includes dozens of stat blocks as well as information on the Overlord Masvirik and its voice: the corrupted dragon Rhashaak. Players will find not only important background lore to ground their characters in the world of Eberron, but three races, updated to address common complaints about their mechanical representation.

Electrum Bestseller

Creatures & Constructs: A Monster Manual Supplement for Eberron

Creatures & Constructs: A Monster Manual Supplement for Eberron is a collection of over 70 creatures from the Eberron campaign setting (CR 0-19) updated to 5e with stat blocks, lore, and supporting mechanics. Note that this was published before Eberron: Rising from the Last War and has a few overlapping creatures.

Electrum Bestseller

Eberron Gothic: Curse of the Thornwood

Eberron Gothic: Curse of the Thornwood is an intricate, character-driven mystery set against the sins of the past. This Tier 2 adventure is optimized for 4-6 5th level characters, but each encounter includes notes on how to increase or decrease the difficulty level for parties of different power levels. The adventure document is fully bookmarked and internally hyperlinked for ease of use.

On a journey to Arythawn Keep at the edge of the Mournland, the adventurers stop for the evening in the Thranish village of Brightdawn where they discover that there are dark secrets hidden in the wilds nearby. . .

Silver Bestseller

Wizards of Eberron: Five Arcane Traditions

Wizards of Eberron: Five Arcane Traditions presents the Elemental Binder, Dust Savant, Knight Arcane, Sharn Skymage, and Silver Pyromancer as 5e character options. Several of these were favorite prestige classes in 3rd edition, but they are all well-anchored in the lore of Eberron.

Silver Bestseller

The Eldeen Ranger: Ranger Archetypes for Eberron

The Eldeen Ranger: Ranger Archetypes for Eberron takes one of the original 3rd edition Eberron-based prestige classes and updates it into five new ranger subclasses for 5e, each based upon one of the druidic traditions of the Eldeen Reaches: the Ashbound Avenger, the Agent of Winter, the Gateway Sentinel, the Twilight Knight, and the Border Warden.

Copper Bestseller

Aranea: Book of the Spider

Aranea: Book of the Spider reintroduces a classic D&D creature for 5e. This 23-page supplement includes a bestiary (9 creatures, CR 1-20), 3 aranea NPCs with extensive plot hooks, a half-aranea PC race, feats, spells, and 3 subclasses (monk, sorcerer, and warlock). Want to play Spider-Man in D&D? The Way of the Webslinger is for you.

Copper Bestseller

The Patron’s Handbook focuses on what it means to be a warlock patron and looks at the possibility of high-level PCs actually becoming warlock patrons themselves. In the process, it aims to provide DMs with what they need to focus on the relationship between warlocks and their patrons in a way that facilitates roleplaying.

Copper Bestseller

Bullseye: The Archer’s Handbook is full of archery-focused options, including subclasses, magic items, a guide to running long-distance encounters, tactical options, alchemical arrows, and more.

Love: A Cleric Domain

Love: A Cleric Domain is a simple character option for clerics of gods that deal with love and family. It focuses upon cooperation, strength through mutual bonds, empathy, and selflessness.

Editing and Consulting

Editing and Consulting

I offer a variety of editing services, including developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing.

In addition to editing, I have also served as either a design/mechanics consultant or a consultant on Eberron lore for several of the works in this category.

Contributing Writer